UK Tax Company Disclaimer

All information contained on our web site has been designed to assist its user in dealing with UK personal income tax matters only. The use of site resources is free of charge. TaxUndo Ltd also provides free initial consultations to anyone who contacts TaxUndo Ltd by email, phone, web-site registration, etc for advice on matters related to personal income tax. However, the site resources or a free initial consultation cannot be treated as sufficient substitutes for paid professional advice which TaxUndo Ltd will provide in cases of complexity, etc.

All fees charged by TaxUndo Ltd for the reclamation of a tax refund will be refundable to the customer as long as there is a chance for the HMRC to recover, and only if they do recover, a refund previously issued. Any further liability is hereby expressly denied. Fees charged for services not related to a tax refund are not refundable.

TaxUndo Ltd cannot be held liable for any loss caused by errors or omissions in information provided by the client on tax forms, returns, emails, letters or online registrations and inquiries.

Any loss which may result directly or indirectly from the use of the site or a free initial consultation is hereby expressly denied.